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Victoria + Albert brings the freestanding bath out in the open – into the cottage bedroom and beyond. Open concept living is nothing new, but the idea of bringing the tub out of the bathroom and into the open is a startling yet intriguing thought for many people.


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It is a trend that is gaining ground, and the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Why not showcase your beautiful freestanding tub in your cottage style master suite where you are more likely to use and enjoy it?

Not surprisingly, Victoria + Albert is perfectly on-trend with this growing movement. As world renowned designers and manufacturers of extraordinary freestanding tubs, they are all-too-familiar with re-thinking the traditional placement of your bathtub. Here are a few of our favorite reasons behind this out-of-the-ordinary design option.


  1. Good Looks. Bathtubs are beautiful, so put them where they’ll be properly appreciated. Freestanding tubs of the caliber designed by Victoria + Albert are sculptural works of art with sleek silhouettes and elegant curves. Consider the sophisticated contemporary lines of the low-profile Napoli, or the opulence of the more traditional Drayon tub with its slipper shape and ornate feet. From rimless designs to pedestal elevations, each tub adds its own splash of glamour to its surroundings – perfect for a luxurious cottage suite or private balcony.
  2. Elemental by Nature. Outdoor bathing embraces the fundamental elements of nature – water, fresh air, a soft breeze – and combines them into a deeply relaxing ritual. Al fresco bathing is widely accepted in cultures around the world and is a tradition that can be traced back to ancient civilizations. Outdoor bathing can be achieved with strategic landscaping or a well-placed trellis for privacy, and add in some natural stone accents, rustic hurricane lamps, and perhaps a wooden tray for serving tea.
  3. Set the Stage for Relaxation. A pleasure once reserved for hotel resorts, the idea of a blissful soak under the stars or in the comfort of your own cottage style bedroom is a concept that is rapidly catching on as people seek to re-create the delights of a spa experience in the privacy of their homes. A relaxing bath has therapeutic benefits for the body and is a calming and restorative experience for the mind.
  4. Extra Points for Versatility. Freestanding tubs are a designer’s dream because of the great flexibility they offer. Unlike traditional baths, freestanding tubs can “float” away from the wall, allowing for placement in the middle of a room if desired. They also have a relatively small geographic footprint and consume little floor space. Use a beautiful tub to create a focal point on a private verandah, or pair two tubs together as a visual balance against a large bed in a master suite.
  5. Durable and Pretty. Win-win! No need to worry about your outdoor tub being exposed to the elements. All Victoria + Albert tubs are crafted from a proprietary material known as ENGLISHCAST® which is comprised of finely ground Volcanic Limestone™ mixed with resin. This unique construction is harder than acrylic and is highly durable and easy to clean. Its naturally white surface is finished by hand to a glossy shine, and its solid one-piece construction ensures no creaking or flexing of the bath.


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