Cottage House Plans 1875


The cottage house plan featured is designed to occupy a lot sufficiently large to include a fine lawn to the principal front, while at the same time not to encroach on the other side. The most desirable form of lot to suit this case, should be 75 feet front by 150 feet deep; the surface considerably higher at the rear with the general slope toward the front. This would allow for elegant terracing, which, with trees and shrubbery artistically disposed, would greatly enhance the beauty of the lot. The front of the house should be positioned so as to secure as much sunlight as possible.



In appearance, the exterior shares in the French Gothic style of architecture, somewhat modernized to suit the wants of a country residence. The elevation is drawn to a scale of eight feet to one inch.
Cottage House Plans
Cottage House Plans

The front entrance doors are 2 feet 6 inches wide, making a door opening of 5 feet in the clear. Entering the hall, the staircase is first seen. To the left is the parlor, containing a roomy bay window with arched head and ornamental corbels. Interaction is had with the veranda by means of the wide-boxed head window which slides high enough to admit a person passing through without stooping. The dining room is provided with similar windows opening on the veranda. A large octagon bay window adds to the capacity of this important room, while the upholstered seat gives to it a comfortable appearance. The position of doors, windows, and fireplace exhibit a pleasing symmetry of arrangement; a place for a side­board is provided between the two doors of the china closet and pantry.

Cottage House Plans

The storeroom and pantry have a convenient access to the kitchen and dining room, and are fitted up with dressers, cupboards, drawers, shelves, etc. In addition, there is a place provided for a refrigerator in the pantry. If desired, the back hall and pantry could be made into one room, forming a large and spacious pantry, and the storeroom could also be increased in size.

The kitchen is supplied with all conveniences. There are back stairs to the second floor and a direct connection to the basement. The kitchen features a sink, pump, table with cupboards below, and a closet for kitchen cooking utensils. The rear entrance to the kitchen has an easy access. Three good sized windows in the kitchen will materially assist in the ventilation; as well there is a flue especially provided in the chimney so arranged as to insure a thorough drawing off of all foul smells. In further reference to ventilation, particular notice is called to the arrangement and disposition of doors and windows in the different rooms and halls, so that in summer a breeze will cool the house.

The second story rooms are spacious, and contain necessary closet accommodation. The cottage bedroom over the parlor, besides having a small closet, contains a wardrobe with shelves above; this is treated so as to make it an ornamental feature in the room. The bedroom over the dining room has a bay window and a large closet. Two closets, one on each side of the bay window, may be made if desired; this would better preserve the symmetry and proportion of the room. The staircase continues to the attic, where there are three good sized rooms, which may be left unfinished.