Christmas Crafts - Netted Christmas Purse

from Peterson's Magazine December 1858


"We give, this month, as peculiarly appropriate for the season, a netted purse, the pattern of which is to be worked upon it; and which we call "The Christmas Purse." It will be seen that there are three engravings. The first is the purse as completed; the second the body of the purse; the third the bottom of the purse. With these to assist, even a beginner may easily work such a purse, at odd hours, in the time left between this and Christmas."

Victorian Purse

"The entire purse is netted of fine silk twist. It is commenced with one stitch, and is continued round after round, with an increase of stitches at the four corners. The design in gold, the red and blue, to be worked with a needle. The trimming is made at the same time with the purse; it is detached, in order to show more distinctly the place where it should hang down."

"The string must pass through two meshes of the net, and in order to give it a Chinese style, a  little ball may be added at each opening. Some purses have three rows of trimming, ornamented with little balls, two being made separately from the purse. Although these might give it a pretty effect, it would prove inconvenient, by catching in the dress, &c."

"The white squares (see body of purse) are to be worked in gold; the cross-barred squares in red; the squares, with the dot in the center, in blue."

[Peterson's Magazine, Dec. 1858, page 438]