Christmas Crafts - Berlin Woolwork Embroidery Pattern

All Berlin patterns are equally adapted for working either in cross or tent stitch. The wool may be split and worked on the finest canvas, or doubled and trebled on the coarsest. For working on needlepoint canvas, a needle sufficiently large should be employed to form a passage through which the wool may go without dragging.


We may here say that Christmas gifts, worked by the giver,
are always more cherished than those which are purchased."

"For Sofa Pillow, Footstool, Bag, Ottoman, or Fender-Stool, etc."
[Peterson's Magazine, Dec. 1860, page 481]


The very beautiful Berlin needlework pattern, which is given, printed in colors, in the front of the magazine, may be used for a variety of purposes. In fact, it is on this account, that we have selected it for this month, as it will come in, just in time for those who wish to make up Christmas and New Year's Gifts. Worked on canvas of a moderate fineness, with single Berlin wool, it will serve for a sofa pillow, footstool, bag, &c.  Worked on a coarser canvas, in double Berlin wool, which would have a beautiful effect, it would then be admirably adapted for an ottoman, fender-stool, &c. The white and yellow may be worked in "filoselle", which would very decidedly increase the richness and brightness of the pattern.


Berlin Work Pattern