Wine and Cheese Baskets

Food gift baskets for Christmas are the perfect present to give anyone on your list during the holidays. There are many Christmas food gifts ideas to choose from when creating a basket. A popular gift basket for your adult friends and family are wine or spirits baskets. When making your own wine Christmas gift basket you have many options and combinations to choose from; this article discusses some of the most popular wine and cheese gift basket ideas for this holiday season.



Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

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Everyone loves to sit down with a nice glass of wine during the holidays and relax with family, so why not give this gift for Christmas? There are many varieties of wines to choose from to include in your gift basket, and for every wine choice there are the perfect cheeses to accompany them. If you are very familiar with wines and where they originate, you can pair wines and cheese based on their regions; one example is an Italian Chianti wine that goes perfectly with an Italian Parmesan cheese.


Wine and Cheese Gifts Choices

If you are unfamiliar with wines to pair by regions to add to wine and cheese baskets, there are helpful hints to assist you. Examples of a good pairings of wines and cheeses are sweet wines with salty cheeses, creamy cheeses with wines that are more acidic, and hard cheeses with tannic wines. Good wines and cheeses to pair with each other for your Christmas gift basket are a Chardonnay wine with a Gouda, Parmesan, goat, or Brie cheese; a Merlot wine with brie, gorganzola, cheddar, or Jarlsberg cheese. Other pairings are Cabernet Franc wine with cheddar, Fontina, gorganzola, swiss, or blue cheese; or a Riesling wine with a Colby, blue, Gouda, Monterey Jack, or Brie cheese. These are all excellent options when creating a wine and cheese gift basket for Christmas time.


Champagne Gift Basket

Another great wine and spirits gift basket to give to friends and family during the holidays is a truffle and champagne gift basket. Champagne is an excellent gift to give during the holidays; how fun to toast family and friends as you bring in the New Year. A great Cru Champagne goes wonderfully with some champagne truffles. Include two crystal glasses for a champagne toast and you have a wonderful gift for your friends or family. Placing these items in a wicker basket with red shredding will make this simple gift beautiful.


Other Gift Basket Ideas

Have a friend or family member that isn’t very keen on wines or champagne? You can make a spirits Christmas gift basket instead. A whiskey and truffle basket can also be a great present for the holidays. A nice bottle of Makers Mark whiskey paired with some salted Carmel and whiskey truffles can make for a wonderful holiday evening sitting around with friends and family with a drink. A nice addition to this basket would be a pair of tumbler glasses to make it superb.

Finally, if you have a friend that prefers to drink martinis or mixed drinks, a vodka Christmas gift basket is the perfect choice. A great choice in vodkas to create a gift basket out of is the 99 flavored schnapps. There are a variety of flavors of 99 schnapps such as apple, peach, blackberry, cherry, and watermelon. Pair these with different flavors of martini mix or powdered drink mixes and you will have the perfect gift basket. Some options would be to include 99 Apple schnapps with a sour apple martini mix and a couple martini glasses. Or you could pair together a bottle of 99 Peach schnapps with a Raspberry Peach Crystal Lite drink mix and some Highball glasses will add the finishing touches to this perfect Christmas gift basket.