Fruit Gift Baskets

grapesFruit baskets come in a wide variety and are great gifts for the holidays. A traditional fruit baskets for Christmas typically contains fresh apples; depending on your taste you can include Fuji apples, granny smith apples, or red apples. Another great addition to a fruit basket is delicious, sweet pears. To add a splash of color, adorn the basket with oranges, mandarin oranges or tangerines. Pistachios, pecans, almonds, cashews and other nuts can also be included to the basket to complement the fresh fruit. After you have chosen which fruits you would like to incorporate into your gift basket you can layer them on top of basic packing grass. This packing grass comes in various shades and colors or can be made out of different materials. Paper packing grass is the most common and least expensive, however you can also purchase packing grass made out of thin wood shavings. Including this in your fruit gift basket can add more style and create a fancier and more festive presentation.



Fruit Basket Gift Ideas

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How to Make a Christmas Hamper Great Fruit Gift Baskets

Fruit and gift baskets are a great way to spread holiday charm to friends and relatives. Rather than sending a traditional fruit basket gift of fresh fruits, you can send a basket of gourmet dried fruits. Dried apricots, bananas, and pears are great additions to a fruit basket. You can also add dried mangos, plums and peaches to add a little bit of color to the basket. Garnish the basket with almonds and you have an edible, tasty gift for everyone to enjoy. If you are making the fruit basket gift yourself, make sure you find an appealing and elegant basket to hold the ingredients. Typically plain, simple wicker baskets are used, however when you want to spruce up the design of your fruit basket, purchase a decorative and colorful straw basket. You can also choose to place the fruit in a higher quality wooden basket; the more decorative and elaborate your basket, the more festive your fruit gift basket will look.


Fruit and Gift Baskets

kiwiBrighten up the gloomy holiday weather by sending a tropical fruit basket to your family and friends. This type of fruit basket gift includes fresh pears, mangos, and oranges. Other tropical ingredients incorporate kiwis, mandarin oranges and fresh Fuji apples. Embellish your basket with fresh bananas, limes, and pineapples to give your friends a real taste of the tropics. You can even pair the fruit with a bottle of wine for the gift receiver to enjoy. Harry & David have beautiful and tasty fruit gift baskets that are celebrated as holiday presents. If you choose to make your own gift fruit basket or Christmas gift hampers you can add your own special touch by adorning the basket with bright multi-colored ribbons. Pick patterned ribbons to add an ornate design to the basket, or choose simple solid ribbons that contrast with the color of the packing grass. You can incorporate bright greens, pinks, blues, and yellows to make a tropical themed decoration, or embellish the basket with dark greens, reds, and gold for a festive Christmas design.


Chocolate and Fruit Gift Baskets

strawberriesFor those people with a sweet tooth, a basket filled with chocolates and berries could be the perfect gift fruit basket. Fill a basket with fresh strawberries and a variety of chocolates ranging from dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. If you prefer to provide a fruit medley, load the basket with a variety of chocolate covered fruits. Popular options include chocolate covered blueberries, raspberries, cherries and even pomegranates. You can also create a fruit basket filled with fresh chocolate covered strawberries. Cherry Moon Farms offers a scrumptious basket of gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries, swirled with white chocolate, covered with dark chocolate chips, or sprinkled with nuts.