Christmas Craft: Holly Sachet

A pretty and quickly made sachet featuring a twig of holiday holly.

A pretty and quickly made sachet with holiday holly is shown in this design – a perfect inexpensive homemade gift for friends or co-workers. The craft was originally published in an 1885 magazine. The sachet is made of a piece of white satin ribbon, which is five inches wide and seven long. The ribbon should be decorated with the holiday design before it is made up. For those who are artistic, the spray of holly can be painted on by hand with fabric paint. Also there are iron-on decals with art prepared to transfer on satin which look almost as well as painting and save much time.

After the ribbon is fringed out on each end to the depth of one inch; fold it together so that it is triangular shaped. Cut several layers of cotton a trifle smaller than the outside and spread sachet powder between them. Next baste the cotton together so that the powder cannot sift out.

The sachet is finished with tiny ribbons sewn onto each corner, and half way between the corners. These ribbons are tied in little bows on the upper side, and are all that is necessary to keep the sachet together. Don’t forget to sign and date your finished artwork to personalize your gift.  Print large design.