Sponge Cake Recipe

sponge cake with berries


One of the simplest to make and most inexpensive cakes possible is a sponge cake. A sponge cake recipe is made with eggs, sugar and flour. The secret of its success lies in beating the eggs and sugar together for ten minutes.


Add the flour and mix thoroughly. Cover the cake pan with a tin plate, and put another under it. Then put in an oven that is almost cold, and gradually increase the heat, never having a hot oven. However, it takes about 3/4 of an hour to bake. The result is a delicious cake that is perfectly wholesome.


eggs sugar flour




8 Egg Sponge Cake Recipe

2 rounded cups of fine granulated
8 eggs
6 tablespoonful of water
3 rounded cups of flour


eggsSeparate the eggs putting the whites into a bowl and the yolks into the mixing pan. Put the water and sugar in with the yolks and beat them ten minutes until they are a thick light batter. Have the flour ready. Whip the whites to a very firm froth, then mix the flour with the yolk mixture and stir the whites in last. Bake in molds either large or small. This sponge cake recipe is good for large and small sponge cakes and lady fingers.



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