Angel Food Cake Icing

Angel Food Cake

To keep the outside of an Angel Food Cake from drying it is always covered with a flavored sugar glaze or icing. This icing dries pearl white; takes but a few minutes to prepare.


Angel Food Cake Glaze

1 cupful of confectioners sugar
2 whites of eggs
2 teaspoonfuls of flavoring extract


Mix together in a bowl. When sugar is fairly wet it is ready, but may be whitened by beating 1 minute. Spread over bottom and sides of cake. It gives a rich transparent eatable appearance to the top of a fine jelly cake and shows up ornaments of finished white icing. It does nearly as well with the sugar only slightly wetted with water instead of white of egg, when it is to be spread on pastry, as the sugar dries white. It can also be colored pink, or with chocolate, or made yellow by mixing with yolk of egg.


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