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Titanic: Unsolved Mystery, is an interactive video game that transports players to 1912, the year the Titanic sank, to explore the ship virtually and search for hidden objects. The game, compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android, allows players to learn about the sinking of the Titanic and see what the famous ship looked like inside. Play begins with the opening of the world’s first ocean-floor museum. Gamers can jump between the present and past as they help the game’s heroine, Lillian, discover the Titanic’s mysteries and get closer to unveiling the truth behind the disaster that took her great-grandmother’s life 100 years ago. Titanic: Unsolved Mystery features sophisticated visuals and design, including historically accurate images of the ship’s exterior and interior, and beautiful hidden-object scenes. In addition to imagery, the game includes a high-quality soundtrack with atmospheric ambient sounds.


Free iPhone and iPad Titanic App


Titanic: Hidden Expedition Lite is a free app compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad by Big Fish Games, Inc. You can explore 17 unique locations within the RMS Titanic and collect hundreds of hidden artifacts for the Titanic Museum. Easy way to learn facts and figures about this once-majestic ship. The game is optimized for the iPhone with both landscape and portrait modes and you can listen to your iPod library while playing with fully integrated OS3 music controls.You can submerge yourself in two scenes from this famous shipwreck for free with Titanic: Hidden Expedition Lite. Love it? Upgrade to the full version!


Free Building Titanic App for iPad


With the free Building Titanic iPad app, travel back in time and witness Titanic’s construction. You control the assembly of the majestic liner as you explore a dynamic interactive timeline and watch the great ship being built in simulated time lapse, right before your eyes. There are over 50 in-depth points-of-interest along a dynamic interactive timeline of her construction with more than 100 rare photos detail every aspect of her assembly. Find incredible archival film showing the laborers who built her in action. In 1912, she was the largest, most complex moving object on the planet and it took a workforce of thousands more than two years to bring her to life. The free app is compatible with iPad and available on the App Store.