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Omni Study is a new student planner app that helps students mange their classes, assignments, events, and grades. Omni Study school app is any student’s best friend and works well for all students, from a rising high school freshmen to an experienced college senior, it helps students prioritize their tasks and get ahead. Middle school students can use the school app to manage tasks, too. And teachers can use it to keep track of assignments as well.


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Omni Study embraces a lot of the design philosophy of the upcoming iOS 7. The app looks like no other app out there, and not only does it look pretty, Omni Study intuitively and dynamically presents information to the user for a better overall experience. For example, the iPhone and iPad app won’t just tell you that Homework 4 is due “Monday, October 2nd”, but rather “In 2 days", or that AP World History class is “In 38 minutes”. Omni Study can even send a notification to the device to remind the student that class is starting, an assignment is due, or even when to start on an assignment.


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Unlike other student planner apps for the iPhone and iPad, Omni Study has a laser focus on assignments and events. Because of this, it can do some pretty amazing things that no other mobile school app out there can even come close to doing. One feature of Omni Study is its ability to automatically tell the student what grade he or she needs on an upcoming assignment to achieve the next letter grade in the class. For example, if Adam had a 88% in AP Chemistry, and an upcoming lab assignment, Omni Study would automatically figure out what grade Adam needs on the lab to achieve an A in the class, and would display this in plain English along side the assignment listing. This functionality even works in the opposite direction. For example, if Adam had a 90% in Biology, and an upcoming project, Omni Study school app would automatically figure out what grade Adam needs on the project to maintain his A in the class.


Award Winning App Designer


Omni Study school app was released in time for the start of the school year. It was imagined, designed and coded by Nicholas Doherty, a 17 year old software developer. Over 5,800 have downloaded the app as of 8/21/13 in the App Store. One reviewer writes, "This app is wonderful. I love the layout and how simple it is to use, plus it's so useful to me as a student." Nicholas Doherty, who is a student at Stanford University's Online High School, began programming apps at the age of 14. He has created 18 apps for his company and for clients. Nicholas resides in Colorado and is using the app to prepare for his senior year of high school. He was the recent recipient of a scholarship by Apple to the World Wide Developer's Conference. One of his apps has won the Surgeon General's Award for children's health. Omni Study is available for the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.