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American Presidents App

For the first time, virtual visitors will be able to travel through the iconic America’s Presidents collection at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, including close-up access to portraits and hundreds of facts about the American Presidents, beginning with George Washington. America's Presidents - Smithsonian Institution is a beautifully designed, well-written overview of the history of the United States seen through passages on every American President’s life. The app is purposely designed for the iPad. Each biography is crafted to be both clear, concise yet still detailed.


Fun iPad App for Learning History


The Smithsonian and Brandwidth launched the America’s Presidents app for iPad. Developed to expand the reach of the most popular and iconic collection in the National Portrait Gallery, the app is the ultimate guide to these official portraits, and it offers a unique insight into the Presidents as subjects of the paintings with a fully interactive journey through the most popular collection at the National Portrait Gallery. This unique collection of portraits and objects guides the user through landmarks of American history.


App Optimized for iPad Retina Display


App is optimized for the iPad Retina Display, with zoom features to view brushstrokes. Through the portraits the app takes the user on a journey across landmarks of American history, displayed on virtual gallery walls that include facts, historical documents, video and sound recordings to illustrate presidential personalities and achievements. Specific features of the app include: hundreds of facts about President achievements, including family life, pets, personality; unique bonus content including Franklin Roosevelt’s radio address about the Great Depression and declaration of war with Japan; interactive Games Room to test knowledge of presidential trivia; users can vote for their favorite portrait with a chart of popular choices linked to Facebook.


Test Your Knowledge in Game Room


In the Games Room, people can test their historical knowledge through trivia tests, presidential pairing and a game to identify famous presidential quotes. Users can also vote for their favorite presidential portrait and view the results through a dynamic Facebook chart. The iPad app provides educational and fun ways for users to engage with the collection of presidential portraits and share their own experiences. The app invites the user to explore and understand the collection in high-definition detail while letting the portraits speak for themselves. The America’s Presidents app is available for $6.99 from the App Store on iPad.