Antique Dressers in the Bedroom

A favorite piece of furniture for owners of a Victorian house.

A beautiful antique dresser, daintily designed and of high quality workmanship and materials is a great addition to any Victorian home. These antique dressers are usually of the highest grade cabinet work and reflect the attention to detail often found in antique furniture that is lost in the products made today. These antique oak dresser are from a 1900s catalog and include details such as original prices and measurements.

Antique Bedroom Furniture

The manufacture of bedroom furniture in the early 1900s was sometimes produced in oak. The cumbersome and ornate articles of furniture from the previous century were replaced with bedroom suites of simple design featuring sound craftsmanship and a moderate price. Economy in the bedroom was frequently employed in middle class homes. The homeowner could be somewhat lavish in the furnishing of the reception rooms but was compelled to curtail expense upstairs. Therefore it was not uncommon for furniture suppliers to provide inexpensive oak bedroom suites that exhibited good taste, although sold at a low price.

antique oak dresserA beautiful antique dresser made of solid oak. It is a dresser of good, generous proportions with the case measuring 40 inches wide and 21 inches from front to back. The antique oak dresser contains two small drawers with a swell front and one long drawer. There is a lock to each drawer and the handles and trimmings are of heavy solid cast brass. The case top is of two-ply thickness and nicely shaped and molded. This antique oak dresser has a British bevel oval mirror which measures 18 x 36 inches, in a neatly carved frame and is supported by gracefully shaped standards. The glass is set to swing at any angle. This antique oak dresser originally sold for $14.65.

There was a time when period antique oak furniture was readily available in flea markets and antique stores. It was fun to possess a table or antique dresser of the rough-and-ready design and workmanship of the mass-produced, and inexpensive in its day, antique furniture. Occasionally a specimen of more than ordinary beauty and value was acquired, but the chances are that its peculiar merits were unseen or not properly understood, the piece being looked upon as genuine with the rest of the collection. Chance collectors have in some instances done the most valuable service possible by preserving, with simple love, types of the rarest kind. It should be remembered that to work on a piece, be it ever so plain, for any object but reparation, actually necessitated by age and wear, is at once to depreciate, if not destroy, its value in the eyes of an antique collector.

antique oak dresserAntique Dresser

This antique oak dresser is made of quartered sawn oak, the wood being thoroughly kiln-dried before it is made up. It is all hand polished, has neat ornamental carvings. The case contains three drawers — one, full width of dresser, being especially large — the two upper drawers, which are also spacious, have shaped fronts. The drawers of the antique dresser have solid brass handles and trimmings with a lock to each. Case top measures 22 x 42 inches. The mirror is of bevel glass and is contained in a nicely shaped frame that is set to swing at any angle. The mirror of the dresser measures 20 x 38 inches.

Bedrooms were divided into classes, sometimes only forming one of a suite consisting of sleeping room, dressing room and bath room, but oftener combining all these in one. The furnishing and fitting up of the bedroom was regulated accordingly, as what would be suitable and even necessary in one bedroom would be quite out of place in another. The one room arrangement was apt to be furnished with an antique dresser. It was both bare and uninviting, as though any place were good enough to sleep in, or it was overloaded and fussy that one would think that they were sleeping in a milliner’s shop.

antique oak dresserAntique Oak Dresser

This dresser has a large, roomy case containing three drawers – the top one with a full serpentine front and a subdivided interior.  The drawers of the furniture have solid brass handles with trimmings and lock to each drawer. The large British bevel mirror is in a swinging frame supported by neatly shaped standards. The case top of the bedroom furniture 22 x 42 inches and the height is 68 inches. It originally sold for $21.35.

A bedroom with a woman’s touch had a bed, easy chair, table, and other belongings with aesthetics of homely comfort and convenience. The bachelor uncle or brother’s room, furnished primarily and principally with newspapers and cigar-boxes, and adorned with a meerschaum pipe or two. The young lady’s room would have everything dressed in muslin flounces, and running either to pink or blue; while the grandmother’s room had an uncompromising four-post bedstead, old-fashioned antique dresser, and huge easy chair so dear to the hearts of old ladies. The boys’ room and the children’s room each had a separate look of its own depending on age and gender.

antique oak dresserOak Dresser

An extra large, well-designed antique dresser is made in choice quartered oak. The case top measures 22 x 42 inches. This oak dresser has two long and two small swell-front drawers with a lock to each. The bedroom furniture has heavy plain brass trimmings.  There is a British bevel shaped mirror that measures 24 x 30 inches and is supported by neatly designed standards with a carved roll frame. It originally sold for $19.75.

Carpet and wallpaper in a bedroom was determined by the fact of a northern or southern exposure. In the former case, delicate pink, pale green or dainty beige gave a more sunny tone; while French gray, blue, or cream color was used where there were floods of sunshine. If a wallpaper border was found of roses and buds, morning glories, daisies, or primroses, according to the paper, the effect was perfect. A cottage bedroom papered with small pink roses on a satiny white ground was very pretty. It was recommended not to purchase a bedroom carpet with a black ground, as this gave an air of heaviness, if not of gloom, where the general effect needed to be light and airy. A nice rug, even if homemade, before the antique dresser, another in front of the fire, and a third at the bedside, helped to furnish a painted floor.