Victorian Animated GIFS


Find free animated GIFS to go on your web site. Here you will find an old-fashioned lady, a Civil War cannon, plus an email ink bottle. The animated GIFS are made up of a sequence of clip art images displayed one after the other. All Victorian animated GIFS are created from original 100 year old illustrations. 



What's New! -Cannon Animated GIF

This Civil War cannon animated GIF is part of our collection of free animated GIF assembled from original 19th Century illustrations. 

E-mail Animated Graphic

E-mail Animated GIF

This Victorian feather pen and Ink bottle are animated to create an "Email" animated GIF. 


Lady In Corset Animated Graphic

Victorian Lady In Corset Animated GIF

This animated GIF is constructed from a vintage illustration of a
"Silk Tricot Corset. London Corset Co." c.1904


Riding Lesson Animated Graphic

Riding Lesson Animated GIF

This Victorian lady on a horse  is part of our collection of Victorian animated GIFS assembled from original 19th Century illustrations. This riding lesson animated GIF was assembled from original 19th century illustrations from the article "Illustrations of Riding" from THE LADY'S BOOK, July 1831.


Stagecoach animated graphic

What's New! - Animated GIF

Stagecoach animated GIF saying "What's New!"


Train Animated Gif

Train Animated GIF

Have fun with this animated GIF created with Adobe PhotoShop from an antique illustration.


"Under Construction" Animated Gif

"Under Construction" Animated GIF

This animated GIF features a step-by-step construction of a Victorian house.


You are welcome to use any of these animated GIFS but you must include the credit, with an active link to this site (, on your page where the computer animations appear.

Exactly like this: Animated GIF by Victoriana Magazine


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