Regency Era Window Treatment




"A Set of Continued French Drapery Window Curtains"

Regency window curtains from 1812 issue of Ackermann's Repository.


A paladian window of three divisions is decorated by curtains of blue and lilac silk and taffeta as these colors have affinity to each other, the lilac being a mixture of blue and red. The draperies need to contrast and harmonize by some other color: thus, for this purpose gilt carved supports, gold-colored lines, tassels, fringes, and trimmings, are liberally introduced, being alike harmonious with the lilac and the blue. The white transparent curtains are suspended in plain masses, for the purpose of general relief, rendering the whole brilliantly effective by such means as painters employ when they introduce the three primitive colors and white in combination to obtain a high degree of splendour by simple arrangements. The leading drapery is the blue, which displays large festoons.


Regency Window Curtains
Simple elegant drapery suspended on brass rosettes and
ornamented with cord and tassels.

Regency Era Furniture
Antique furniture from 1811 to 1820.

Antique Furniture Glossary 
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