Victorian Pink Lady - Queen Anne Style

J. Milton Carson House - Victoriana Magazine (


For many, the Queen Anne stands out as the unequivocal “Victorian house.” With its towers, turrets, wrap-around porches and other superfluous architectural elements, the Queen Anne is the most extravagant and the most unconventional of Victorian architectural styles.

This 19th century structure is an exceptional example of the Queen Anne style of Victorian architecture. Known as the J. Milton Carson House, and locally known as The Pink Lady, it is situated across the street from the famous Carson Mansion in Old Town Eureka, California.

This Victorian house was built by the Newsom Brothers of San Francisco in 1889 as a wedding gift from the lumber baron, William Carson, for his son. The Queen Anne façade features a large domed turret, layering, spindle work, and surface undulation which identifies this house as a Queen Anne. The pink and white color of the home has endeared itself to locals as the “Pink Lady.”


[Photo Credit: Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division]