How to Remodel Victorian House

Victorian houses

Remodeling a Victorian house or Craftsman style cottage? Need inspiration for a restoration project or how to remodel a Victorian House?  Now you can stroll through a virtual San Francisco—the city of “painted ladies”— right from your computer for a close-up and personal view of San Francisco’s architectural gems with the help of Google Maps and its feature called “Street View.” These famous Victorian houses, also known as “Painted Ladies,” are a favorite with tourists and residents alike. These homes are the epitome of Victorian design with .stone work, wrought iron and wood carvings. The street level photographs are stitched together almost seamlessly; the imagery is sharp and the quality is excellent, even at full zoom. Google explains how with a YouTube video and detailed instruction.


With Google Maps Street View you can wander through San Francisco streets and neighborhoods via real images to pick that perfect paint color for your Victorian house. Walk the streets of Alamo Square or stroll up Pacific Avenue to find the ideal combination of house paint and trim color. This area contains many such homes, a magnificent tribute to the 19th century carpenter’s art. From your computer screen you can “walk” the same streets and pass the same houses as long ago Victorian men with flowing moustaches, big black hats, and heavy gold chains across their tailored vests would walk.

Google Maps Street View

This area serves as a rich resource for architects, designers, historians, preservationists and anyone else interested in old houses. Handsomely painted, these Victorian houses capture the essence of the most romantic of architectural periods, providing a delectable potpourri of visual delights for the old house enthusiast.

What style fretwork belongs on your Victorian house? Zoom in to explore the ornate carvings and decorative brackets that decorate these magnificent structures. You can distinguish minute architectural details right down to the trim around the windows. Amazingly, even window treatments and curtains are visible in most views (wave to the people looking back at you). Make certain to use the “full screen” and “zoom” features.


Google Maps Street ViewThe best place to start is Alamo Square; the location of that classic photograph of the six marvelously restored Victorian houses against the backdrop of the San Francisco skyline. We have linked to a few addresses, so just click “Street View” and enjoy! The address in the window changes as you “walk” down the street, so if you find a house you like, just take note of the address to visit again later.

Now its time to put on your walking shoes and take a stroll!
  • Begin with Alamo Square at 740 Steiner Street and travel north.  Make sure to utilize the pivot arrows     to navigate to a front view of the house.

  • Next stroll over to 1080 Fulton Street and travel east. Don't forget to zoom in on some of the marvelous fretwork on these Victorian houses.

  • After that, stop in at 776 Scott Street, and then stroll north around the rest of Alamo Square

  • Before you leave you should also visit 524 Haight Street, and then stop in at 2770 Pacific Ave and stroll east. Be sure to use the pivot arrows to "visit" Victorian house on both sides of the street.