Victorian Dresses from the 1880s




The Beryl Dinner Gown of blue satin is trimmed with Spanish blonde lace. The body is made en cuirasse and is bouffant at the back. The sleeves are short and the low neck is open in front in a V. The dress is trimmed with a chemisette of crepe lisse and crepe lisse plisse; on the shoulders are bows of blue satin. The lace flounces are sewn on a skirt of blue satin. This 1882 Victorian gown is made with 10 yards of satin; 6 yards of wide lace; 10 yards of narrow lace; and 2 yards of crepe lisse. The dress is finished with 8 buttons.


This 1882 young lady's Theatre or Ball Costume is made of light colors. The body is pointed in front and forms a coat tail behind. It is trimmed with bows and ends, which start from under the pockets. The overskirt is well draped and edged by a brown balayeuse. This Victorian dress is made with 7 yards of silk; 7 yards of satin; and 12 yards of lace for the trimming of the neck. The Victorian dress is finished with 12 buttons.


This graceful 1881 Tremouille Dinner or Evening Dress is made of mauve peluche and brocade, trimmed with white lace.The overskirt is elegantly draped down, upwards, and at back, over a skirt of bouillonne gathers and lace. It is draped by satin ribbons and flowers at the left side; at the right the overskirt is carried on the cuirasse, and fastened in one of the seams at the back. The dress is laced behind. This Victorian dress is made with 6 yards of brocade; 6 yards of peluche; 20 yards of lace; 3 yards of satin ribbon; and 10 yards of cord.


The Victorian Dinner Gown of satin is trimmed with lace. The body is cut square in front and buttoned behind. It has three points in front, which fall over a draped and slightly puffed sash. The train is cut in one with the body, and draped at the sides with flowers. The underskirt is made with a pointed drapery, opening in front on five lace flounces. This 1882 dress requires 15 yards of satin; 4 yards of wide lace; 6 yards of narrow lace; and 6 bunches of flowers.


A Victorian Theater Dress of ruby satin or velvet is trimmed with gold or cream lace. The body is pointed back and front, and buttoned behind. It is cut with a low neck and has a lace pelerine worn over it forming a square opening in front, which is trimmed with foliage and tea roses. The princesse train, which has revers of the lace, opens in front on a tablier composed of a plisse, pleats, and bouillonnie. This dress is made with 12 yards of velvet or satin; 5 yards of lace; 8 roses and 1 garland for the neck.