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Palais de Glace

Palais de Glace

Announcing the First Parisian Skating Rink
with Artificial Ice - 1890

"The gay Parisians are delighting themselves with another novelty a skating rink of large dimensions, where the lovers of skating may indulge in their favorite exercise on real ice. The Gran Plaza de Toros, in the Rue Pergoleze, the scene of the bull fights that for a time enticed all Paris, has been chosen for the location of the new Palais de Glace, and the immense space  which it encloses renders its selection an admirable one for the purpose."

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"The great enclosure has been remodeled for its new service, and provided with a dome of bold and original design, ingeniously supported from the walls without the use of columns to break the uniformity of the ice sheet, or to obstruct the view of the spectators. The new Palais de Glace is at the present time one of the greatest attractions of the gay French capital."

... from 1890