Victorian Period Clothing for 1867




Period Clothing:
Summer Walking Suits

[Right] A summer Victorian costume consists of a single-breasted frock coat with three holes and buttons. The sleeves have a short vent at the hands. A white drill collar vest and drab Angola trousers complete the costume.

[Left] The summer lounging suit costume is light, cool, easy, and comfortable making it the most agreeable wear for those months when the summer sun is shining in all its glorious brilliancy.

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Period Costumes for the Velocipede

The velocipedean mania also required its own special garments. One figure is wearing the ordinary shooting-coat style suit, whilst the other is wearing a short pea-jacket, which was also the most favored style for tourists, when made up either in thin Cheviot or Angola.

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Period Clothing: Shooting Jackets

The first figure displays a hunting costume which was popular in France and Germany.

On the center figure, the coat is cut in the lounge jacket style and buttons up the front. The collar is made to stand or fall. Flask or patch pockets with a flap are standard; the flaps can be buttoned over to protect the contents.

The third shooting jacket style includes trousers cut full upwards and small at the bottom, so as to fit neatly under the gaiters. The gaiters, if wet or dirty, can be removed and the trousers let down, so as to leave the wearer presentable without changing his dress, which is not always convenient. The cap has a flap, which can be let down; as well, the collar of the coat can be turned up and fastened with an elastic loop as protection from the rain.

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Yachting Costumes

The costume represented above is appropriate for amateur yachtsmen; it is made in blue serge, flannel, or pilot, according to the time of year in which it is intended to be worn. Black ivory buttons are the most proper for this style. Members of yachting clubs are generally distinguished by their club-gilt button or other slight peculiarity of style.

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Tourist Costumes

This image shows two different styles of travelling dress. The first is a suit of plain grey or drab Cheviot. The jacket is cut in the lounge style; the pockets are laid on and are fastened by buttons. The vest is without a collar and has four pockets. A pair of moderately ample knickerbockers and gaiters completes the dress.

The second is a suit of brown mixed angola. The jacket is cut across the waist. Flaps are placed on the hips with the pockets in the waist seam. The seams are lapped, and the edges in both suits are double stitched.


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Cricketing Costumes

Of all the English sports, cricket was said to be the most noble, exhilarating, healthful, and manly of all Victorian pastimes. In this image, the bowler on the right is dressed in a white flannel jacket, bound with blue or other color, according to the club and decorated with three patch pockets. The batsman is clothed in a flannel shirt, which may be either white, with plain edges, or bound with colored ribbon. A patch pocket is frequently placed outside the left breast. The trousers are of white flannel, cut fuller than ordinary trousers, and fastened at the waist with a belt.


Victorian Mens ClothingRiding Costume:

The gentleman's riding costume consists of a short lounge jacket with flap pockets in the skirt. There is a pocket outside the left breast, one pocket inside the right, and a ticket pocket. The outfit features a cashmere French vest, cut long and coming well over the hips with the corners rounded off in front. A pair of Bedford cord pantaloons, jack-boots, and a brown felt hat complete the costume.

Victorian Mens Clothing

Fancy Dress Costumes:

Fancy costumes for fancy dress ball.