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Ice SkatingVictorian Skating Rules

"The grace, exercise, and healthfulness of skating on the ice" could be had if these simple rules were followed. See what the Victorians thought about ice skating.

Ice Skating Rules


Ice Skating Rink

One of the greatest attractions for winter fun in 1890 was the new Palais de Glace in Paris. It was the first Parisian skating rink with artificial ice

Palais de Glace


Victorian Ice Skating Costume

A stylish ice skating costume from the 1890s featuring a dress with a fur trimmed muff and hat.

Skating Dress


Skating Dresses

Three skating dresses were featured in an 1880s issue of Peterson's Magazine showing the same confining fashions of the day ... just shorter in length!

Skating Dresses


Ice Skates from 1860

An antique chromolithograph features a winter scene with many people ice skating, possibly on the Schuylkill River, advertising the latest in ice skates.

Antique Ice Skates


Ice Skating Song

An ice skating song from the 1870s illustrates the popularity of ice skating for women during the Victorian era.

Ice Skating Fun