Japanese Gardens (Photos)

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The Japanese art of landscape gardening arose from their fondness for nature, which led them to reproduce in miniature the scenery visible from their homes. Composition of Japanese gardens depends upon the arrangement of its trees, boulders, paths, streams, bridges and other artificial structures. It is, least of all, a flower garden, but more a reduced copy of the scenery of the Japanese countryside landscape. Exotic Japanese garden pictures illustrate the results of introducing the pleasing and picturesque effects of specialty trees and plants from a foreign country. You can use online garden tools to create a beautiful Japanese landscape.



Among the earliest examples of Japanese Landscape Design were the temple groves of Nara. Later designs took on a freer form, more like that of the present time, but the dried-up water scenery was used, showing the hollow of a lake dry, as if in time of drought, sometimes combined with the bare mountain. In order to visualize all the components to create your Japanese landscape, utilizing landscape design software is vital before investing hard work and money. Free downloads of Landscape Design Software are available featuring powerful 3D visuals. Whether envisioning a flat Japanese garden design or a hill Japanese landscape, options today for landscaping design software is simply unlimited.


Japanese Landscape Garden Photos

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japanese landscape


Japanese Tea Garden


In general, the composition of Japanese landscape garden plans may be treated under two divisions: Flat Japanese Gardens (hiraniwa) and Hill Japanese Gardens (tsukiyama-niwa), both of which may be again subdivided into three different forms called, respectively: Finished, Intermediary and Rough. The flat effect is especially popular in Japan, with its gravel walks and stone lanterns in different sizes and designs; but whichever style is chosen, it must be so planned as to present its best appearance from the house. Begin with pictures and plans for a Hill Landscape Garden - Finished Style.


Japanese Tea Gardens

Japanese Tea Garden


One of the most unique bits of landscape gardening in America — a miniature Japanese garden, faithfully reproduced in the scenic portion of San Francisco. With the help of Japanese garden pictures the exotic garden is illustrated and introduces the pleasing and picturesque effects of Japanese gardens in a foreign country. The skies are always blue and the sunny light is ever gleaming on porcelain dragons and antique bronzes, and the little rippling waves are always lapping the sedges along the shore. There are two tea houses in the little Japanese Tea Garden -- a big, cool, shady retreat and the ceremonial tea house.


Design Your Japanese Garden Online

japanese garden designUnlike the formal, highly manicured gardens of Europe, Japanese gardens are designed to mirror nature, particularly Japan's rocky coastline and mountainous landscape, using trees, plants, and structures on a scale that creates an impression of greater space. Need quick help arrange your new Japanese landscape garden? Now you can use online garden tools to create beautiful Japanese gardens. Quickly design your own garden -- flower, vegetable or rock garden -- with the help of online virtual garden tools. Before you venture outside with your shovel, create and Design Your Japanese Garden Online. See how you can maintain garden views with up-to-date information as the garden plantings change from season to season.