Victorian ChairsEach of these four styles of  antique chairs is covered with patent perforated veneer, which possesses the great advantages of durability and comfort in chairs, while it has the coolness of rattan or cane covering without being subject to its fragility. The veneer of the chairs consists of three layers, the fibers of which run at right angles, and glued together so that it cannot possibly warp. For the purpose of coolness and ventilation, as well as for ornamentation, the veneer is perforated with holes, arranged in a fanciful or geometrical order, so as to add beauty to comfort and strength. 

The chairs are manufactured by Gardner & Company, whose salesrooms are at 376 Pearl Street, New York. Other offices are in Glasgow, Scotland; London, England; Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia; Berlin, Germany; and Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

Antique Chairs Fig. I is a chair adapted for the pulpit or officers in lodge rooms; and wherever they have been introduced they have given great satisfaction, especially by reason of the cheerful appearance the light perforated veneer gives to them. There is indeed no style better adapted. Can be had in black walnut or ash.


Victorian ChairsAntique Chairs Fig. 2 is a rocking-chair, the great favorite of ladies; its comfort cannot be surpassed, and is very well adapted for a sewing-chair. Can be ordered in mahogany.


Victorian ChairsAntique Chairs Fig. 3 is a rocking chair and arm-chair combined. Can be ordered in mahogany.

Victorian Chairs


Antique Chairs Fig. 4 is an office tilt-chair, for the benefit of those who object to the rockers, which are sometimes in the way behind the chair, and apt to trip any one passing there. Can be had in black walnut or ash. (An edited 1878 advertisement by an international furniture company)