Victorian Coat



Featuring Winter Coats from 1891

Victorian Coat Victorian Coat
An elegant green kersey cape is trimmed in mink fur polka dots and lined throughout. This cape was also available in black or tan kersey. The hat is a matching velvet bonnet trimmed in mink. A tight-fitting jacket features an Alaska seal body with Persian lamb sleeves and collar. It is 27 inches in length. It originally sold for $275. The fine French hat is trimmed in feathers.
Victorian Coat Victorian Coat

Featured is a military style Astrachan lamb coat, 30 inches in length. The stylish velvet hat is trimmed in Astrachan lamb and feathers.

An Alaska seal reefer features dark mink sleeves and collar. It is 30 inches in length. A velvet hat trimmed in mink, fur, and velvet is showcased with the outer garment.

Victorian Coat Victorian Coat

The 30 inch cape is fashioned from colored Hudson Bay otter. It is shown with a black velvet hat with a rim of ribbon trimmed in feathers and Persian fur.

This Ottoman cloth jacket has sleeves and yoke embroidered in jet and silk with Persian fur reveres. The black velvet hat worn is bound in Persian and trimmed with a pompom.