Edwardian Dresses - Summer 1903




Edwardian Dresses

To the left is an Edwardian dress ensemble of white piqué smartly contrasted with red linen which supplies a striking background for the antique lace insertion. A sailor collar finishes the open neck of the shirt-waist and a removable shield of antique lace is topped by a standing collar of insertion. The shirt-waist is plain at the back with gathers regulating the fullness at the waistline. Full length bishop sleeves are completed by wristbands of the red linen covered with lace. Finishing touches on this Edwardian dress include a red silk tie and a linen belt. The skirt falls gracefully in a medium sweep with five gores and a graduated circular flounce headed by a band of lace over red. An inverted box pleat is formed at the back.

To the right is another Edwardian shirt-waist and skirt of hand embroidered brown linen. The skirt has five gores with backward-turning tucks at the sides stitched to the flounce. An inverted box pleat is arranged below the yoke, and the skirt shows the fashionable dip at the back. A narrow band finishes the neck and supports the collar with a fold of ecru linen at the top to provide contrast. Embroidery also ornaments the wristbands of this Edwardian ensemble which complete the bishop sleeves. Brown ribbon affords an attractive waist finish and is simply knotted at the left side. Linen in white or colors is especially appropriate for the embroidery while handwork in shaded tones is effective.

Edwardian Dresses

To the left is a ladies' Edwardian shirt-waist and skirt of a silky quality of pearl-white with a point-de-Venise appliqué in a grape and leaf design with pendant ornaments. Clusters of fine tucks outline a yoke in front. The simulated box-pleat at the front where the closing is made is concealed by the lace, and the waist is bloused over a belt. Groups of tucks on the sleeves terminate at the elbow and there are lace-covered wristbands. The standing collar worn over the neckband is formed with a tab at the front  and is made of wash taffeta with narrow embroidery set in near the edge. Three bias folds at the lower edge afford stylish decoration for the five-gored Edwardian flare skirt which falls in a medium sweep and the back fullness is disposed in an inverted box-pleat. The lace appliqué covers the side-front seams, producing a panel effect.

To the right is a ladies' Edwardian yoke shirt-waist and skirt of a dotted brown satin foulard trimmed with antique lace insertion. Four gathered ruffles ornament the five-gored skirt with a medium sweep and a smart flare at the lower edge. Bands of lace trim each ruffle and head the top one. Two extra bands extend around the skirt to the front gore, ending under the insertion which conceals the seams. The back fullness is taken up in gathers. The Edwardian shirt-waist has a becoming front yoke as well as an applied back yoke facing. There is a slight fullness at the waistline which is drawn in by gathers. The pouching fronts are gathered to the yoke and again at the belt, and the closing is in duchess style. A lace turnover with tabs is attached to the standing collar which conceals the neckband and a plain belt is added. The sleeves conform to the bishop design and lace is arranged in two rows around the sagging lower portion and covers the close wristbands.