Antique Beaded Purses



Featured is a vibrant scenic antique beaded purse from the second half of the 19th century. This miniature accessory is reminiscent of the days when it was only necessary for a lady to carry a few discreet items such as a handkerchief, a calling card case and a few coins.

Antique Beaded Purses Antique Beaded Purses

Although beautifully and expertly crafted, the most remarkable element of this antique beaded purse is the subject of the scene. The purse depicts a stunning front and back jungle panorama of a native Indian hunting jaguar. The scene illustrates palm trees in several shades of green bordered by blue water with a native Indian wearing a red feather headdress while equipped with a spear, bow and arrows.

Antique Beaded Purses

George CatlinIt is probable that this unique antique beaded purse is designed after the works of 19th century artist, George Catlin (1796-1872). Catlin is best known for his paintings of the Indian tribes of the American Frontier created during his travels in the 1830s. During this time he made five trips to the American West creating over 400 paintings and compiling tons of Indian artifacts and costumes to be exhibited with his paintings. This traveling exhibition was known as "Catlin's Indian Gallery" and toured both the United States and Europe for fifteen years. The design depicted on this antique beaded purse was most likely created after a Catlin work from the 1850s when he rekindled his interest in Native American life and traveled to South and Central America. A well known work of Catlin is his A Jaguar Hunt, Brazil made while in South America.

George Catlin