Antique Shoes - c.1830



A stylish carriage dress is featured in an 1832 issue of La Belle Assemblée. The dress is composed of moiré; the background is a dark dust colour, printed in a zig-zag pattern of brown and rose colour. The dress features a high waistline with amadis sleeves.

The double pelerine has ruffles edged with a green satin rouleau with a matching collar. The pelerine is rounded behind, and cut in ends, which cross under the center in front.

A charming bonnet of rice straw, trimmed under the brim with lilac gauze ribbon is included. A blond lace ruche separates the bows on each side, and is attached under the chin by a knot of ribbon. A bouquet, composed of three lilac ostrich feathers tipped with white, is placed in front of the hat crown. This delightful outfit is accessorized with flat black satin lady’s slippers.

1830s ShoesA pair of flat black satin lady’s slippers circa 1820-40 represents the style of women’s shoes in the early 19th century. The plain outline is reminiscent of the classical Greek style of dress, in direct contrast of the lavish ornamentation of the late eighteenth century.

These slippers are straight last shoes- shoes that are not fitted for right and left feet. There is a thin leather sole with hand-stitched uppers. A small black silk bow is affixed to the throat of each shoe. Often this style shoe is found with a printed paper label fixed to the insole with the name and address of the manufacturer’s shop.