How to Dress 1920s

How to Dress 1920s



Attending a vintage 1920s Flapper party or want to plan a Boardwalk Empire or Downton Abbey bash - need the perfect vintage 1920s costume?




How to Dress 1920sProvided is a vintage dress chart for 1920s mens fashion, illustrated with hand-colored fashion plates from Gazette du Bon Ton, advising the debonair gentleman on how to dress for a variety of social situations. In men's vintage clothing from the 1920s sack coats had the tendency towards a higher waistline with more defined body lines and with shoulders and lapels wider. In overcoats, the demand centered on coats of the raglan type, cut with the pivot, bat wing, or a kimono effect. Fancy effects in overcoats were created mostly through drapery of the backs, which were cut in boxy effects. All around belts were used extensively with slide buckles. Vintage trousers were cut along straighter lines with larger knees and wider bottoms, while 1920s vests had slightly higher openings with five buttons and slightly cutaway at the bottom.


Motoring, Golf, Driving and Country Wear

How to Dress 1920s
  • Overcoat: Slip-on, tweed, homespun
  • 1920s Mens Jacket: Sport model
  • Waistcoat: Fancy flannel or to match jacket
  • Trousers: Or knickers to match jacket
  • 1920s Shirt: Negligee or oxford
  • Collar: Attached
  • Tie: Four-in-hand or bow
  • 1920s Hat: Cap, soft hat, Panama or soft straw
  • Shoes: Laced calf or brown, high or low
  • Gloves: Tan cape or chamois

1920s Mens Vintage Clothing for Afternoon Tea or Reception

How to Dress 1920s
  • Overcoat: Chesterfield
  • Jacket: Oxford or black cutaway
  • 1920s Waistcoat: To match or of fancy fabric
  • Trousers: Gray striped or black & white striped worsted
  • Shirt: Plain white pleated, linen
  • Spats: Pearl Gray
  • Collar: Fold or wing
  • Tie: Four-in-hand, dark gray or black
  • Hat: High silk, with felt band
  • 1920s Shoes: Patent leather or dull calf, laced
  • 1920s Jewelry: Gold or jeweled
  • Gloves: Gray suede or gray mocha

1920 Mens Vintage Fashion for Weddings

How to Dress 1920s
  • Overcoat: Chesterfield or skirted
  • Jacket: Black or oxford cutaway
  • Waistcoat: To match jacket or pearl gray or white
  • Trousers: Striped or black and white striped worsted
  • Shirt: Linen or pique, white, pleated or stiff white
  • Spats: Pearl gray or white
  • Collar: Wing or poke
  • 1920s Tie: Black and white, gray four-in-hand or Ascot
  • 1920s Hat: High silk
  • Shoes: Patent leather, buttoned
  • 1920s Jewelry: Gold jeweled or pearl (pin permissible)
  • Gloves: Gray suede or glace


1920s Vintage Costume for Informal Dinner
Stag Party - Country Club Dance

How to Dress 1920s
  • Overcoat: Chesterfield or slip-on
  • 1920s Jacket: Dinner, black or dark blue
  • Waistcoat: Black silk or white pique
  • Trousers: To match jacket
  • 1920s Shirt: Pleated white, pique or linen and stiff white
  • Collar: Wing or fold
  • Tie: Bow tie, black silk
  • 1920s Hat: Derby or soft, straw
  • Shoes: Dull calf pumps or button boot
  • Jewelry: Gold or jeweled links and studs
  • Gloves: Chamois, gray mocha

Formal Dinner Vintage Clothing and Theater Costume - Evening Wedding, Formal Reception, Vintage Dance

How to Dress 1920s

How to Dress 1920s

  • Overcoat: Skirted or dress
  • Jacket: Swallow tail, black or dark blue
  • Waistcoat: White silk (pique also worn)
  • Trousers: To match jacket
  • 1920s Shirt: Stiff linen or pique
  • Collar: Poke, wing or lap front
  • Tie: White lawn, linen or pique
  • 1920s Hat: High silk
  • Shoes: Patent leather pumps or patent leather button
  • Jewelry: Pearl links and studs or pearl, platinum trimmed
  • Gloves: White glace, buck or chamois

1920s Vintage Riding Costume

How to Dress 1920s
  • Jacket: Regulation riding jacket or more formal riding cutaway coat, black or dark oxford Melton
  • 1920s Waistcoat: To match jacket or Tattersall
  • Trousers: Regulation breeches or more formal riding trousers, dark blue or black, whipcord
  • Collar: White neck stock closed with sport pin or poke
  • Tie: Formal white Ascot fastened with sport bar pin
  • Hat: Informal riding derby, formal top hat
  • 1920s Shoes: Informal regulation riding boots, black or tan, formal black gaiters with box spurs
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