Parisian Ball Dress 1807




Ball Dress 1807


A beautiful Parisian ball dress was featured in the January 1807 of the British women's magazine, La Belle Assemblée (full name La Belle Assemblée or, Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine Addressed Particularly to the Ladies).

The dress is of white Italian crape worn over a white satin slip. The slip is edged with a narrow border of pink velvet at the feet. The over-dress is festooned in a gentle curve round the bottom with single Persian roses. The roses continue up the front placed at regular distances, finishing in front of the waist. The waist is confined with a pink velvet girdle.

Ball Dress 1807

The bodice of the ball dress is quite plain, lacing behind with a pink cord; and cut so low as to significantly expose the bust. There is a narrow tucker of net, with a full “cork-screw” edge. The ball dress has a full Melon-sleeve formed of alternate stripes of white satin and pink velvet. The sleeve is finished at the bosom with a trimming of “cork-screw” corresponding with the tucker.

Ball Dress 1807

Ball Dress 1807Hair:
The hair is divided behind with part formed in braids, and brought in loose loops over the right eye. The rest is folded round the head in a plain band, so as to entirely disclose the ears, and fastened at the back with a cornet comb of pearl. Two delicate roses, similar to those which ornament the dress, are placed on the left side.

She wears an elegant pearl necklace with matching earrings and bracelets. Her pink satin shoes have silver trimmings. Her elegance is refined with graceful white kid gloves.

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