Victorian Etiquette

Victoriana, Resources for Victorian LivingVictorian Ballroom Etiquette
What to wear and how to behave at a Victorian Ball?

An Afternoon Tea Party
Bringing back an elegant pastime.

Sea-side Etiquette: The Bathing Machine
The proper etiquette for the Victorian sea-side was the use of the bathing machine.

Victorian Etiquette: Calling
After introductions, visits or "calls" came next in the first round of the proper Victorian social sequence.


Victorian Etiquette - Births and Christenings
The mother, even though quite young, would not dress entirely in white at the christening of her child.

Victorian Mourning & Funeral Etiquette
The Victorian house in mourning.

The Road-Side Tea Room
Eating on the road 100 years ago.

Collecting Victorian Expressions of Love
Nancy Rosin tells of her collection of Victorian love ephemera.

To Gather Orange Blossoms
Victorian wedding etiquette, the history of brides wearing orange blossoms in the hair.

Bicycle Clothing Etiquette
Leggins, hat, gloves, tie—even the chatelaine bag—must match the costume.

Hoop Skirt: How to Wear a Hoop Skirt
Every wearer of the hoop skirt has, more or less, inconvenience and danger from the hoops catching in everything that comes in their way.

Ballroom Dancing
Be the Belle of the Antebellum Ball!

Fashions in Calling Cards [For Gentlemen]

Calling Card Etiquette

A Masculine High Tea Party
Tea party just for Victorian men.

Love and Romance
A limited edition 2007 love card, embellished with pure silver glitter, and adorned with an antique image, circa 1850.

Victorian Treasury
The history of valentines, research, articles, posters and handmade reproduction cards.






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