Antique Waterbury Clock


Waterbury Clock

Marvelous c.1891 Waterbury #7 wall clock in a fancy oak case with old dark finish. This gem of the Victorian period landed at $13,500 at auction.  Don't be fooled by the photograph: this hanging clock is 82" high. Waterbury mantle clocks made by Waterbury still run strongly today, providing their owners with a touch of history. [Photo courtesy of Stuart Holman]


Antique Clocks


E. Howard Clock Company
This clock company was established in 1842. It had offices in Boston, New York and Chicago. The company was famous for their designs of high grade regulators, watches, and marine clocks.  Howard Clock Company Catalog 
features their antique secondary clocks.

Antique Carriage Clock
An antique accessory originally for the well-appointed Victorian carriage. Antique carriage clocks stand the test of time because of their durability, and have a timeless beauty and elegance that never fades despite the development of other timepieces.