Antique Clocks


Howard Clock Company was established in 1842. It had offices in Boston, New York and Chicago. Browse through this antique clock catalog online. The company was famous for their designs of high grade regulators, watches, and marine clocks. Another well known supplier of antique clocks is the Conneticut company, Waterbury. This clock company produced clocks that reproduced the expensive look of European clocks, but cost a fraction of the price. Antique Waterbury Clocks and mantle clocks still run strongly today, providing their owners with a touch of history.



Antique Carriage Clocks

Antique carriage clocks stand the test of time because of their durability, and have a timeless beauty and elegance that never fades despite the development of other timepieces. The original purpose of such a clock was as an accessory for the well-appointed Victorian carriage. Antique Carriage Clock may be plain, engraved, or have decorated panels. Their cases are constructed with a brass frame and this can help in dating the clock.

The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors is a nonprofit scientific organization founded in 1943 which is a great place to start when learning about collecting antique clocks. You can also explore a Virtual Clock Museum. Here you will find an online exhibit from The National Watch and Clock Museum. The British Horological Institute was founded in the Clerkenwell district of London in 1858. Common Clock Trademarks are found on clocks as listed on the BHI site.