Antique Rugs and Floorcoverings

Create the perfect Victorian home with antique rugs or a period carpet runner. Since architectural house styles changed almost every decade during the 19th century, first determine when the house was built and how formal it was.

antique rugs

antique rugsAntique Rugs

The term carpet was used originally to describe coverings for tables, beds, and other furniture, and only from the early 18th century was it associated with the floor. The history of antique rugs and carpets is divided into two major traditions: the Asian and the Western.

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Antique Persian Rugs

In addition to their beautifully bold patterns, these rugs are made to last. Unlike newly manufactured rugs, antique Persian rugs acquire a wonderful patina over time that only enhances the look of rugs. Read more about antique persian rugs...

antique rugs

Ingrain Carpet Runner

Ingrain Carpet Runner
Ingrain carpets were popular in middle-class homes in 18th and 19th century America; in many middle class homes of the 1800s at least one room had ingrain carpet.  This ingrain carpet runner, woven in 1841, is 16 feet long and 33 inches wide; woven with red, green, brown and natural color wools.



Antique Floorcloths

Antique Floorcloths
Floorcloths, or oilcloths, are hand-painted canvas rugs that came in a variety of patterns for the Victorian home. Discover a variety of original floorcloth designs and patterns.


Decorating the Staircase
During the Victorian era, staircases were decorated with elaborate carpet or floorcloth runners. Today this area of the home is often a blank canvas in the overall portrait of a home.








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