White Bathrooms


White Bathrooms

White bathrooms– the color which traditionally has been the expression of cleanliness – will always be preferred by some home owners. In the past, white was almost the only color in which plumbing fixtures were made. All too frequently white, simply because it denotes cleanliness, has been the only color in the bathroom – white fixtures, white walls, white ceiling. Today, white bathrooms are popular because it allows you to completely redo your bathroom as often as you like, with only the expense of a can of paint and a new set of colorful towels.


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But white is too striking to be used without relief, and all white bathroom floor plans are the exception rather than the rule. White can be as distinctive as color – when it is used as a color and correctly combined with other colors. Whether you prefer plumbing fixtures of white or color remember that the function of the background is to provide the contrast which will bring out the beauty of the fixtures. It is a mistake to try to match the color of the fixtures in the wall material. The all-green, rose, orchid or blue bathroom will be no more distinguished than the all-white bathrooms of the past.

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In the featured bathroom floor plan, the fixtures and the white bathroom vanity are in harmony, creating an effect of distinctive simplicity. A way to lend importance to an object is to frame it – here it has been done to each fixture by the use of flat pilasters. This treatment also serves to accent the vertical, and creates the illusion of a high room. With white fixtures, obviously a large variety of colors could be used. A blue-green was selected because it has been an age-old success. The atmospheric quality of this shade is particularly valuable for the ceiling because it makes the actual height somewhat doubtful, thus furthering the intent to make the room seem higher. Complementary color notes are introduced in the curtain, in the bands of the floor, and on the inside of the towel cabinet.


Bathroom Color Schemes

If you want a complete “new look”, there are also many styles of tile, both ceramic, stone and glass in a multitude of colors. Color in plumbing fixtures is not costly – in fact it is but a small part of the total cost of any bathroom. Used correctly it is by far the most economical means of attaining individuality in bathroom furnishing and decoration. In choosing bathroom color schemes, keep in mind the value of simplicity. The starting point should be the selection of the color for the bathroom fixtures. That is the key color. Then you can select colors for the walls, floor and window treatments which will contrast harmoniously with the color of the plumbing fixtures. Warm charm and beautifully matched fixtures impart a personalized smartness to a comfortable bath space which makes your choice of bathroom color schemes significant.


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Greenwich Green captures the beauty of the perfectly manicured lawns of an English Estate—cultured and cultivated. "This is not dull avocado green," Jonathan Adler says. "It's bolder, yet timeless. So crisp and refreshing you can taste it." 
Piccadilly Yellow evokes the riot of colors from London's Piccadilly Circus. Exuberant and fun, a Piccadilly yellow kitchen or bathroom sink instantly fills the space with giddiness. Adler says: "There's a very mod quality to Piccadilly yellow, especially when paired with white. It's unexpected and will always feel fresh."
Palermo Blue is beautiful, serene splash of the Mediterranean Sea where it opens before the city of Palermo on Sicily. "A nice, crisp light blue is cool and refreshing," Adler says. "Like taking a dip in the Med itself."
Annapolis Navy, an unconditionally classic hue, calls to mind the sailing city of Annapolis on Maryland's Severn River. "Annapolis Navy epitomizes nautical chic. It's such a classic color because it pairs so well with other bold colors," he says.


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