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Whether you are putting a new bathroom into an old house or building everything new, plan the bathroom to fit your family’s present and future needs. Let everyone in the family, young and old, join in the planning. Through the help of an online bathroom design planner with lots of small bathroom photos, trends, and ideas so you can design your dream bathroom with very little hassle. The smallest bathroom you can build and use an average size tub is 5 feet square.


In a room as small as this, there is space for a small bathroom vanity and in the studs of the wall above the cabinet you can have a recessed mirror cabinet. You can also help the room appear larger with the right bathroom tile ideas for small bathroom. The style of fixtures you buy will depend on your available funds. Cost of fixtures varies with size, style, fittings, and materials used. Looking for small bathroom colors? Design, paint and personalize the room of your dreams with one of the many state of the art paint apps.

An extra bathroom is a fine, convenient thing to have; but, except in the largest houses, the floor space for a conventional small bathroom design cannot often be found. But did you know that a bathroom can be squeezed into an amazingly small space. Design your dream bathroom with small bathroom photos. These pictures of an in-line bathroom illustrate how to remodel a small bathroom by breaking the normal arrangement of the bathroom fixtures into three compartments and stringing them along a windowless wall. The three sections consist of a combined small shower and dressing compartment, a sink unit, and a toilet. All together they take up a floor space 34 inches wide and 13 feet long. This three user in-line small bathroom plans, with separate sections for each bathroom fixture, allows three people to use the bathroom at the same time.


Small Bathroom Photos


What room in your home is the mood-setter? We will wager it is your bathroom—the room that greets you in the morning and sends you off to bed at the end of a long day. Small wonder, then, that many of us start and end the day glumly. Most small bathrooms are cursed with clutter and the general atmosphere is as chilly and antiseptic as a hospital. A collection of small bathroom pictures illustrating the warmth of natural wood and sunny colors will be instumental in a successful small bathroom remodel. Bathroom photos of design ideas can help you design a small bathroom to greet you comfortably at the beginning of your day. The quickest and least expensive way to design a small bathroom is to replace the fixtures but keep their present locations to simplify plumbing.


Bathroom Photos for Inspiration

bathroom photos gallery bathroom pictures bathroom designs

These photos of small bathrooms and small bathroom floor plans utilizing the in-line design can inspire you to seek out ways on how to add a bathroom when your home feels overcrowded. This arrangement is similar to the modern small “Jack and Jill” bathroom design with separate areas for a private sink and a common area for tub, toilet and shower; except the in-line bathroom utilizes limited floor space for maximum use. For example, in the toilet compartment, a cabinet has been built in above the tank, featuring a grill at the top of this cabinet concealing the intake for a bathroom fan. Also above the sink is additional storage space.


Modern Small Bathroom Design

bathroom floor plan
bathroom floor plan


Whether you intend to add a new bathroom or remodel the present one, it is often rather difficult to visualize the final design before it is completed. But there is a way—a very simple and inexpensive way—whereby you can see just how your dream bathroom will look. Bathroom Designs+ free bathroom planner allows you to professionally plan your new bathroom.

The three compartments of in-line modern bathroom floor plans need not be put in a row. One of the units can be placed at right angles around a corner or even be quite separate. Thus toilet and sink can be installed on one side of a room and the shower unit on the other.


Small Bathroom Photos

Small Bathroom
This space saving arrangement can be placed along a wall of a large bedroom, such as the master bedroom. An alternate arrangement would be the placement of the three compartments along a long hallway. Both placements would prove valuable where space is at a premium.


Bathroom Design Tools

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