Kichler Bathroom Lights

When most people think of bathroom lighting, an image of a standard, wall mounted bathroom light fixtures above the mirror pops into their heads. While this is a very common form of bathroom lighting, it’s definitely not the only option out there. Kichler bathroom lights ceiling fixtures, such as flush and semi-flush mounts in addition to larger pendants and even wall sconces are all options that can go a long way to making a decorative statement in your bathroom. Kichler Bathroom Lights: Neither flamboyant nor gaudy, the Hastings Collection looks to simple forms in order to match a broad array of styles and colors.

kichler bathroom lightsMost bathrooms are small enough that only a single fixture is needed to supply an ample of light. One option that is underused in the bathroom is the Kichler bathroom lights ceiling-mounted fixture. A multitude of beautiful flush and semi-flush mounts are available that would work wonderfully in any bathroom. Gone are the days where ceiling lighting meant a boring circular or square glass shade that worked better as a dust catcher then an eye-catcher. Look for smaller Kichler bathroom lights fixtures that weren’t necessarily made for the bathroom, as this, as well as keeping an open mind, will open up a world of possibilities for your bathroom lighting. Kichler Bathroom Lights: Capped with satin etched glass shade pendant will beautify any space.

Kichler Bathroom LightsThere is no rule or ordinance that states you can only use one type of Kichler bathroom lights in your bathroom. Especially in larger bathrooms, it often makes sense to mix a few Kichler bathroom lights wall sconces with a nice ceiling fixture or group of pendants, if your ceiling height permits. The point here is to look at your options and add some creativity and ingenuity when the situation permits it. Kichler Bathroom Lights: Classic chandelier features hand painted Tuscan gold finish and offers an elegant addition to any home decor.


Kichler Bathroom Lights

Kichler Bathroom Lights
Featuring the Heather Bath three light incandescent bath light in Mission Copper.

If a bathroom vanity works well in your bathroom, don’t be afraid to embellish it by adding a Kichler bathroom lights wall sconce on either side. A small ceiling fixture, in conjunction with your vanity or bar is also a great option to add some contemporary flair to your bathroom. Make your bathroom lighting your own by adding some originality with Kichler bathroom lights and extra thought — don’t settle for the standard bathroom bar. [Author: Jim Allen. For a huge selection of lighting including pendant lights, and wall sconces, visit the today. Article Source: - Bathroom Lighting - Think Outside the Bath Bar]


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