How to Design a Bathroom


Bathroom design ideas - modern or vintage, sleek or traditional, soaking tub or whirlpool? Need help deciding how to design a bathroom? Remodeling your bathroom doesn't have to mean breaking the bank or taking out a second mortgage on your home, but what it does mean is a well thought out bath design idea. Explore how to design your bathroom with the latest bathroom designs, bathroom decor, light fixtures, inspiration pictures, and bathoom faucets buying guide – everything needed for a complete bathroom remodeling.

First you must decide on the design or theme of your dream bath with help from photos or with a free trial of bathroom design software. Explore pictures of modern and vintage baths, traditional bathroom design, and even fun kids baths for help. Bathroom design themes are a general subject of a room. It is a particular style, or type of decoration that you choose to center your bathroom design around. Bathroom design themes should reflect the personality of the individual performing the decoration, the interests of that individual, or simply a subject theme that is common to the bathroom.


Bathroom Design Tools

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Before & After Bathrooms

Three talented remodeling professionals are being recognized for their abilities – and their bravery – in overcoming some of America’s most drab and uninviting bathrooms, transforming these ugly ducklings into beautiful showpieces as part of the online contest sponsored by American Standard Brands, “America’s Ugliest Bathrooms: Solved.” Original baths were gutting and redesigned with the latest in bathroom fixtures. Featuring photos of before and after bathrooms to provide inspiration for your new bathroom design.


bathtubFun Baths for Kids

Kids everywhere are clamoring for a chance to bathe in the super-cool line of children’s Fun Bath tub conversions. Kits temporarily transform your plain bathroom tub into a child's dream bath with removable wall decals in children's favorite storybook and movie characters. In addition, both a fire truck and princess castle front are available with these Fun Bath for kids conversion kits.


Bathroom Tile Design

Until recently, the shower enclosure was most often crafted of monotone in color fiberglass, but today the area has become an empty canvas awaiting an artistic tile design. Add a unique bathroom tiles design to your remodel. Equally important in considering bathroom tiles design is the area surrounding the bathtub. Moreover, the latest style of bathtub includes the soaking tub which stands free of the walls on all sides therefore opens up the area available to freely design with bathroom tile. Websites, catalogs, home improvement stores offer lots of help with bathroom design ideas. Creating your dream bathroom takes on a similar approach in that we must first decide on look we are trying to achieve.


Use Free Online Bath Design

Explore your bathroom in a three-dimensional environment and use free online bath design tools to create a virtual design from your own floor plan. If you are planning a new bath remodeling project, today's internet is your best resource for bathroom designs and planning tools. With free online tools you can change the floor plans, change the colors of the products, add a whirlpool, or paint the walls. Choose between their bathroom photography with standard bathroom fixtures or use your own photograph of your bathroom. Also featuring the ability to save and print your favorite bath design along with faucet model numbers and prices. You can even place a person in your virtual bathroom to give you an idea of how much room you have to move around in.  


Color for Bathrooms

An important step in bath design is the bathroom color. And now, with the many new and beautiful designs for plumbing fixtures in a variety of exquisite colors, it is possible to think of the bathroom in terms of beauty as well as utility. Choose the correct bathroom color schemes to enhance your bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories. Picking color ideas for bathroom is a personal preference, but also a necessary finishing touch for your bath design. Have your bathroom accessories harmonize with the rest of the room; match towels and tubs – tiles and rugs.


Vintage Bath DesignVintage Bath Design

Love the vintage look? Vintage bathroom design has never been more popular. When considering bath design styles for your bath remodel, consider a clawfoot tub for today’s modern bath. Compare the luxurious bathroom fixtures of the 1900s with today’s to recreate an authentic Vintage Bathroom Design.


Bathroom Design Tools

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