Cottage Style Decor for the Bath

White cast iron tub by Herbeau transforms an ordinary bathroom space into a tranquil cottage style bathroom.

Herbeau Creations offers the Marie Louise porcelain over cast iron slipper claw foot bath tub with a painted white exterior and your choice of claw feet. Metal plating for the feet is available in 9 finishes.


A bathroom space can be converted into a cottage style bathroom easily and inexpensively due to the space-saving pedestal sink and classic claw foot tub. The cottage decorating style has a quintessential American look with subtle vintage overtones. Cottage style bathrooms are simple and charming, but also very fresh and clean because the palette for cottage design is fundamentally white on white – white enamel wood trim, white floor tile and white bathroom fixtures.

Your favorite color palette is easily introduced and can elevate the mood of the space through decorating accents such as painted beadboard paneling which is an affordable substitution for tile walls. Cottage style effortlessly mixes old and new. Incorporate an assortment of charming curtains, towels and bath rugs to how quickly your white background is transformed. Baskets are ideal for containing items and concealing clutter. Add thoughtful details that reflect your own personality and love of color.


bathroom design photo


But nothing evokes the serene charm of a cottage style bathroom than a white cast iron claw foot tub. During the early 1900s, cast iron tubs were long or short and round at both ends with nickel-plated fixtures in the middle; or square at one end and curved at the other with the fixtures at the end. These claw foot tubs were invariably raised from the floor on ball feet unless they were solid to the floor, so that no dirt could be lodged underneath them. The prices varied with the sizes and styles. Today’s recreations retain the simplicity and classic lines of a bygone era. This Herbeau Creations “Marie Louise” white bathtub has a painted white exterior and your choice of claw feet. With its high back and fanciful feet, the “Marie Louise” brings the ambience of a cottage setting to the bath. The Marie Louise is a porcelain over cast iron slipper bathtub measuring 61 inches long and 30 inches wide. It holds 50 gallons of water.