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An important step in bathroom remodeling is the bathroom designs color. Choose the correct color for bathroom to enhance your bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories. The color for bathroom is a personal preference, but also a necessary finishing touch. Ideas For Your Bathroom by Derek Farley explains the importance of choosing bathroom designs color for your bathroom redesign project.


Bathroom Color Schemes

Modern bathroom designs color is important to make your bathroom look more attractive. Bathrooms can, no doubt, be considered as one of the most important rooms of your home. Hence, keeping your bathroom clean and equipped with a creative interior design is a wise decision to impress visitors and increase the value of your home should you ever consider selling it for any reason. There are many ways to beautify your bathroom; however, bathroom color schemes are one of the most important factors that influences the aura and feel of your bathroom.

The bold look of Kohler colors introduced in 2004, Vapour colors, added to the Kohler color palette as the first "dimensional" colors which feature textured, three-dimensional color. In 2012 Kohler partnered with world-renowned designer and color evangelist Jonathan Adler to launch four new colors available on select Kohler enameled cast iron kitchen and bathroom sinks. Recently, Kohler has launched four bright new colors for optimum color vibrancy on six of its enameled cast iron sinks. 


How to Choose Paint Color

Color For BathroomToday consumers can preview and interact with a paint manufacturer’s color swatches and products to virtually create the room of their dreams long before picking up a paint brush with the help of mobile paint apps for both iPhone and Android platforms. When we speak about color for bathroom it does not mean only the shade of your wall but also includes color of faucets, sanitary items, towels etc. Color has the power to alter the apparent proportions of a room. Red contracts, blue and yellow expand. Green, unless very dark, has little effect upon, the room, keeping the walls, as decorators say, well in place. Bathroom photos show that tan, gray, blue and pink have the effect of adding space, while brown, unless very light, has the same quality as green. If you have any traditional design colors on your bathroom walls, then these walls can be easily revamped and given a new attractive color pattern.


Many people believe that placing white linen in the bathroom makes it look fresh and simple but still attractive. With white being a universal color it goes well with almost all other color of bathroom. However, any other light shaded color of bathroom would give off the same effect as white, such as sky blue, light purple, etc. Allowing tranquil blue light to capture the room is a wise decision as it gives the room a spa-like ambiance. In such an ambiance, accessories made of glass with a touch of silver would be perfect in adding to the beauty of the room.


Color Accents

Some people also consider changing their flooring to match with the color of bathroom. However, this would be a major step for revamping the look of your room. Golden color gives a rich look, so if you wish to give an elite and sophisticated ambiance to your bath, you can choose to install golden or brass faucets with curtain holders in the same shade. Adding a colorful bath rug and matching towels which match with the other items of the room is also a good decision to give it a marvelous look. This is one of the reasonable ways of modifying your bath to look good by making use of attractive bathroom designs and color of bathroom.


You can also hire interior decorators to help you with the remodeling and color of bathroom. If you are quite conscious about the expenditure and wish to do everything by yourself, then it is better to do little bit of research on the color of bathroom and designs before you go ahead with the actual work. And remember, don't try to do major changes like breaking and re-installing of any bathroom components on your own unless you have sufficient knowledge and equipment as it could be hazardous otherwise. You can learn more about modern bathroom design, and get much more information, articles and resources about bathroom designs at small bathroom design.


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