French Bateau Cast Iron Tubs

 French Bateau cast iron tubs create a stunning focal point in bathroom design.

Featured is an elegant Penhaglion French Bateau cast iron tub whose narrow rolled top gives this fixture a minimalist appearance. This tub has a classic bateau shape that brings an intriguing look to a bathroom suite.


When owning an older home, highlighting its vintage charm is not always easily accomplished when it comes to the bathroom. The vintage style bath typically is fairly minimalist. But the one important centerpiece that will catch the eye of house guests can be a cast iron tub. Create a striking focal point by introducing a freestanding bathtub in the center of the room, or make your bathroom space a more tranquil escape with a more secluded placement.

In the past, locating the water supply at one end of the bathtub was the standard layout but not the only option. By the late 1800s, plumbing catalogs also featured cast iron tubs with the water supply and drain fittings located at the side of the tub allowing for the pipes to be hidden within the adjacent wall rather than hung on the end of the bathtub. This option was more costly necessitating additional carpentry and plastering.


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The makers of Penhaglion cast iron tubs hold a passion for fine design when it comes to recreating the vintage styling of cast iron tubs. This photo presents the Langdon, a 68" cast iron French Bateau tub, featured in a Skapa Properties home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Penhaglion, Inc. offers unique, high quality, cast iron claw foot bath tubs for designers, builders, and homeowners alike. Several of their hand-finished products are included in homes designed and built by Skapa Properties, an innovative real estate and construction company based in Arizona.

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