Rustic Copper Bathtubs

Copper bathtubs make a statement in a cottage style or rustic bathroom design.

Featured is the Balis copper slipper tub, a popular freestanding tub by Barclay Products. Today’s copper bathtubs are both deep and tall, with gently sloped sides and   detailing along the bottom edge, like classic Victorian pedestal tubs.


Before indoor plumbing, bathtubs were viewed as furniture and were movable, that is, could be pulled out of storage when needed. Often the design of an antique tub was that of a glorified wooden barrel or hand hammered copper tubs. Painted or marbleized tin tubs were reserved for the wealthier bathers and would be found in a dressing room or bedroom. Because an antique tub required the slow and arduous task of being filled bucket by bucket by hand (often with cold water) and were cramped in size, their popularity was limited. 


bathroom design photo


The Baylis copper double slipper tub by Barclay Products features old world charm and will make a statement in an old-fashioned cottage style or rustic bathroom design. The copper bathtub is made of 16 gauge hammered copper, inside and out with a smooth rim and base. The double slipper style features decorative hammered copper rings and includes the base. The bathtub measures 66 inches by 30 inches high and holds 60 gallons of water. It is noteworthy that copper is a living finish and will patina over time.