7 Places for That Extra Bathroom

No room for an extra bathroom? Think again!

No room for an extra bathroom? Think again! Adding a bathroom is first and foremost based on the space you have. Can you fit another bathroom into your house? Most contractors say probably yes. These experts maintain that a second or third bathroom can be squeezed into almost any house.

Bath fixtures fit into less space than most people think. Into 25 square feet bathroom floor plans, you can squeeze a complete – if cramped – shower bathroom which would keep the cost to add an extra bathroom low.

Walk-in closets often can be turned into powder rooms or bathrooms without tearing down walls. If you have large rooms, stealing three feet from the length of one can make sufficient space. Sometimes a pantry can be spared. A bathroom can also be put in a low-ceiling area. You can tuck one into the attic under the eaves. Just allow six feet six inches of head room for a shower; an even lower ceiling is okay for a tub.

adding a bathroom

Seven places for that extra bathroom:

  1. Hallway: The untraveled end of a hallway, sometimes with a window, may contain as much as 30 or 40 square feet – sufficient space for a bathroom.
  2. Closets Back-to-Back: Opened up, adjoining closets sometimes measure as much as 4 feet by 4 feet.
  3. First-Floor Laundry: Streamline the laundry room with modern stackable washer/dryer appliances that take up less room – then reclaim the space to add a half bath.
  4. Existing bath: An average sink, toilet and tub need a minimum of 5 feet by 6 feet. Some large bathrooms can be split into two by relocating the fixtures.
  5. Under a staircase: A sink and toilet usually will fit under the stairs. Just remember to check the headroom before you begin the project.
  6. Part of a Bedroom: Take a 3 foot slice from one side of a large bedroom. Put a toilet at one end of the new room, a shower stall at the other and a sink opposite a door in the partition.
  7. Walk-in-Closet: An oversized walk-in bedroom closet or hall linen closet could easily become a half-bath with few structural changes.

It is not only useful, but vital, to see what bathroom fixtures you can fit into your bathroom space before you begin the work. With online bath design tools you can visualize how to remodel your old bathroom and make your own floor plans. You can even change colors, add fixtures or paint the walls.

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