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Victoriana Magazine captures the pleasures and traditions of an earlier period and transforms them to be relevant to today’s living - Fashion, Antiques, Home & Garden. Victorian style is found in fashions and weddings, décor and houses, holidays and parties, literature and music from the Victorian era. Victoriana showcases Victorian style home décor and furniture, Victorian clothing and accessories, Victorian weddings and Christmas. Victoriana divides the 19th century into categories such as Victorian Weddings, Victorian Clothing, Victorian décor, Victorian Architecture, Victorian Houses, plus more; everything needed for Victorian era lifestyle, decorating and restoration.


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Vintage Collectibles Software allows collectors to keep a visual record of the appearance and condition of each of their collectibles items. Moreover it is easy to identify individual collection records at a glance with both detailed images and exact descriptions. Users can create as many collections as needed with a single copy of the software.

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Design Your Dream Garden

As the cold winter months shroud us, a fleeting image of velvety green lawns and colorful flower beds begin to enter the mind. Whether you envision a fragrant Victorian garden, an old-fashioned kitchen garden, or even a contemporary garden full of the latest annuals and perennials — you can spend these dreary wintry days planning a spectacular outdoor garden. [...]


Garden Design

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